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Natural Beauty on Display @ the Middlefork Savanna
By Peter Glaser
Posted on 6/12/2018 6:19 PM

EBCers really turn out for Neal’s annual ride through the Middlefork Savannah in Lake Forest! I counted 27 riders on Tuesday as we headed out under cloudy skies. After a brief respite at the Heller Nature Center, we rode into the lovely Middlefork Savannah. Neal paused to point out the new bridge connecting the parkland with the Lake Forest Academy on the West side of the railroad tracks. Seems that the bridge abutments were already in place from the time of the Armour estate. Along the paths we observed such birds as herons, redwing blackbirds, orioles, woodpeckers, and even a killdeer.

Neal explained the origin of the prairie and savannah landscapes, and how the former private owners permitted their pastures to burn during wildfires, contributing to the plant life that has reclaimed the area. The woodlands on the park’s North end were full of blooming Queen Anne ’s lace, capping off a really beautiful visit. Upon exiting the park, we invaded Panera at Waukegan and Rockland Rd, dining on the patio, before heading back via the McClory path and Fort Sheridan.