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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Blogging

  1. What is a blog?
    A blog is a regularly updated web page written in an informal style.Authoring or posting to a blog is called “blogging”.
  2. What are the benefits of a blog?
    Social media and blogs are popular because they allow for a person or group to share.The result is engagement, keeping people up to date, and building trust and rapport.For EBC, we may have more engagement as people who did not attend a ride are able to read about what happened and curious non-members may be motivated to join a ride after they read about the fellowship.
  3. How long should a blog post be?
    Short and sweet is okay.One or two sentences or pictures are enough.But if you have something to say, go for it.
  4. What might be covered in a rides blog post?
    Highlights that others might find interesting, such as how many riders showed up, were there multiple groups, did people come keep together, was there a rest stop, how was the food and service, any special or historical sites viewed, any weather surprises, how were the roads, any mechanical issues, when did the ride finish, and so on.
  5. Who should blog?
    Any member on the ride can blog.Other ride participants are welcome to comment on the main blog post.
  6. When to blog?
    Immediately after the ride, ideally within 24 hours.
  7. Are pictures and links allowed?
    Yes, bloggers are welcome to post pictures or includes links
  8. How to author a blog post?
    You must be setup in the system as a blog author and all ride leaders have been setup.If you want to post and do not see Add a Post, send a text to 773-442-2549 or email to to be setup the first time as a blog author.Once setup, you will be good going forward.Click on Blogs in the menu bar, then Read Blogs, then Add a Post.
  9. Will blogs be moderated?
    The blog author will be able to post directly without approval in advance, however just like in the forums, any post that violates the club blog policy of respect for others will be removed.
  10. Where is the EBC blog?, click “Blogs” from the main menu bar.
  11. Who will see the blog?
    The blog will be viewable by the public, both members and non-members.Any member can add a post or comment on a post, non-members can read only.