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Thomas Witt

Active Transportation Alliance Kickstand Classic - 10/1/17 1 5

Jeff Miller

Informal Dinner Gathering Location Change 1 2

Mike Kruger

Only relevant to Will Heelan's Kite Ride 8/12/17 1 2

Merle Gleeson

Fwd: August Newsletter 1 6

Steve Kimmel

Berkshires 2 6

Steve Levinthal

Bike access to the beach... 1 7

Scott Schaedel

Paula Matzek 1 8

Bruce Foster

Half Day Road 2 11

Joanne Davis

AAA Roadside Service for Bicycles 1 10

Ken Schulein

Remembering Jack Edwards 1 13

Timothy Schoolmaster On Your Bike, Watch Out for the Air 2 10

Thomas Witt

Lakefront path separation update 1 7

Thomas Witt

Glasses that replace your bike computer 1 8

David Reesh

The Dutch & Bicycles 1 4

Nancie Coogan

Bike Talk: Chicago's Cycling Future presented by Chgo Architecture Foundation 1 3


beware of painkiller use during cycling 1 10

Jeff Miller

EBC Night at the Velodrome 1 2

Thomas Witt

RearViz wearable cycling mirror 2 15

Melissa Gattuso

Bike light found, Saturday, Panera 1 7

Merle Gleeson

For sale: KEEN Newport Waterproof MTB Cycling Clip Biking SandalsWomen size 8 1 2