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Tuesday Moderate Ride – January 10, 2023 – 9:00 AM...
Neal Ney

Tuesday Moderate Ride – January 10, 2023 – 9:00 AM – Panera

This Tuesday is the 136th birthday of my favorite poet, Robinson Jeffers. (Full disclosure, his is just about the only poetry I read.) To properly mark Jeffers’ birthday with a bike ride would call for a ride through beautiful country with lots of rock, and wild water, and soaring birds of prey. Jeffers country – the Big Sur – however is a bit far for a winter ride. I propose instead to ride to Fort Sheridan, with a brief peak at Lake Michigan at the bottom of the forest preserve path.

Lunch will be at Maria’s in Highwood if the group is six or fewer riders. More than six riders we will proceed instead to Once Upon a Bagel in Highland Park. I promise not to embarrass people with a poetry reading at lunch, unless invited to do so. If invited to read, I promise to limit myself to two or three of his shorter poems. (Jeffers Collected Poetry fills four thick volumes, and some of his longer poems are novel length.)

No route or cue sheet for this ride. We all know the way. I estimate that our total distance will be around 35 miles. My pace will be a moderate 13 – 15 mph.

Tuesday’s weather forecast is relatively reasonable – temperature steady in the upper 30s, with the wind from the SW at 5 to 10 mph. The chance of rain is a slight 13%. Blue sky, however, will be rare – partly cloudy in the morning progressing to full on cloudy in the afternoon. If the forecast should change making a bike ride ill advised, I will post a cancelation to the listserv before 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning.

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