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About EBC Rides


Please arrive by the scheduled time of the ride.  This allows time for everyone to sign-in, riders to be introduced, and the leader to be sure everyone is prepared for the ride.  Rides will not take place if there is snow or ice on the surface of the road, or if it's raining or snowing.


Please wear a helmet, have a bike in good mechanical condition appropriate for the pace of the ride, carry water and a spare inner tube, and be on time so the ride can start promptly.   You are expected to ride safely and courteously as outlined in Group Riding Guidelines and to follow the rules of the road.  Ride leaders reserve the right at their sole discretion to ask any rider who does not wear a helmet or who rides in an unsafe manner or who treats others disrespectfully to leave the club-sponsored ride.  All EBC rides must have a Sign-in-sheet and all participating riders must sign in.  Non-members may ride with EBC 3 times in a given year before joining.








Fast Plus


Very Fast


Very Fast Plus

10-12 mph

13-15 mph

15-17 mph

17-19 mph

19-21 mph

22+ mph

Pace is the normal riding speed on open road.  Faster downhill or with tailwind, etc.  Pace will vary due to conditions and overall average speed will be slower. Ride Leaders will do their best to keep the group together but you may be asked to leave the ride if you cannot maintain the advertised pace.


A bicycle ride may be considered an official EBC ride where miles may be counted, if the ride meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It is an EBCscheduled ride open to anyone who is capable of doing the ride and publicized with enough time for anyone who wants to go to do so. However, Ride Leaders may limit the number of participants on the rides that those leaders organize and lead.Rides are scheduled in one of several ways:
    1. Included in the annual Rides & Events Calendar managed by the Rides Chair.
    2. Communicated to the Rides Chair via e-mail including start, distance, pace and other pertinent information with sufficient time to review and add to the Rides & Events Calendar.
    3. Formed as part of a regularly scheduled Show & Go ride.
    4. Posted by an existing ride leader by noon the day before the ride on the EBC Rides Forum.
  2. A new ride may not conflict with previously scheduled rides starting at the same day, time & location and going at the same pace, unless it is part of a scheduled Show & Go or if the previously scheduled ride has a limited number of riders.
  3. There must be asign-in & waiver sheetwith the names and signatures of all riders listing the date, name of the ride leader, the sweep, location and distance of the ride.
  4. There must be at least two people on the ride, with the leader being a current club member.
  5. To test the routing, etc. for a potential ride, Ride Leaders occasionally do preview rides which are not posted as official rides to the Rides Forum or on the Rides & Events Calendar. Ride Leaders may report preview ride mileage if they satisfy the following provisions:
    1. They have at least one other EBC member accompany them on the preview ride.
    2. All riders on the preview ride sign a ride sign-in-sheet on the day of the preview ride.
    3. After the ride has been posted on the Rides & Events Calendar or Rides Forum as an official EBC ride, then the Ride Leader should follow normal mileage reporting procedures for the preview ride and the actual posted ride.The Ride Leader must add a note at the top of the Preview sign-in sheet indicating: "Preview of ride scheduled for mm/dd/yyyy".

The EBC Rides & Events Calendar is updated when we are notified of changes or additions to club rides. To add a ride or change ride info, eMail the Rides Chair: