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The Dutch & Bicycles
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Any and everyone who has ever been to the Netherlands know that in the Netherlands, bicycles out number people.
Bike lanes have been over crowded and new lanes are always being added.
Bicycling is the primary mode of transportation in the Netherlands, year round, all weather.
The Dutch, being about the coolest people on this planet, use a special method of opening car doors to prevent bike accidents, it's easy, it protects people and it's smart.
When opening your driver door, use your right hand.
This will force you to pivot your body and to LOOK to see if cyclists are approaching.
SO simple!
SO smart!
SO easy!
Cretons believe bikes are backwards when the reality is, if you can bike a few miles each day, you're gong to be a whole lot healthier than those who insist on driving. it's also a whole hellofa lot nicer.
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