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Remembering Jack Edwards
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Jack Edwards was an active member of EBC for about 20 years. He started biking with the  club after he retired. Jack served in the Navy in WWII. He was drafted in 1945 when he still was in high school. He was on a ship heading to the war in the South Pacific when the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ending the war. After the war he finished high school, college and became an engineer.  

Jack was an excellent cyclist and cycling companion. He was very good with fixing bikes and coming up with ideas for interesting rides.  Jack also made his own cycling clothes. His mantra was "Go for It."  He did his birthday rides to Indiana through his late 70's.  When he turned 80 he said no more rides to Indiana. He did a an 80K ride to Lamb's Farm instead.

Jack loved herring and the Swedish restaurant Tre Kroner on Foster Ave. Jack once led  a Saturday show and go ride to Andersonville  to buy herring. He and his wife Betty were planning a Sunday brunch but Jack ate all the herring  on Friday night.  The group spent the morning tasting herring.  Link to Jack's Ride to "Tre Kroner" (Near end of page)

Jack stopped riding with club when he was about 85 but he continued to cycle. He relocated to Houston, TX last year after Betty died. There was a bike trail across the street from his senior living apartment and he rode there and around the area whenever he could.  He died recently at age 90 after contracting pneumonia. 

Donna Fritz and Ken Schulein
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